Most of the time we will offer a final quote/estimate for a particular job, but to give you a general idea on our rates:


General Handyman Rates   Electrical Services Rates
First 1Hr £40.00 First Hr minimum charge   First 1Hr £60.00 First Hr minimum charge
1.5 HRs £55.00     1.5 HRs £75.00  
2 HRs £70.00     2 HRs £90.00  
2.5 HRs £85.00     2.5 HRs £105.00  
3 HRs £100.00     3 HRs £120.00  
3.5 HRs £115.00     3.5 HRs £135.00  
4 HRs £115.00 Half day Rate   4 HRs £135.00 Half day Rate
4.5 HRs £130.00     4.5 HRs £150.00  
5 HRs £145.00     5 HRs £165.00  
5.5 HRs £160.00     5.5 HRs £180.00  
6 HRs £175.00     6 HRs £195.00  
6.5 HRs £190.00     6.5 HRs £210.00  
7-8 HRs £200.00 Full day rate   7 HRs £225.00  
          7.5-8 HRs £240.00 Full day rate

After hours/overtime rates, additional £20/hr on top of above rates

For Your Information:

  • The above General Rates are labour only. Parking fees, congestion charges & any specialist equipment hired to fulfill a specific job requirement (other than standard tools & equipment owned and supplied by Protea Property Maintenance Ltd), if any, will be chargeable over and above the standard labour rate
  • Any materials purchased/hired through Protea Property Maintenance Ltd will be subject to a delivery & handling fee and/or a surcharge. See our T&C’s for more info
  • A minimum of the first Hour is chargeable on every job
  • After Hour’s rates apply to times outside normal business opening times
  • We have card payment facilities for those times when you don’t have Cash on hand – debit & most credit cards accepted
  • If you are unsure about the rates or would like to a get a detailed estimate on a particular job that you need done, give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help
  • See our full T&C’s Here


“There’s never enough time to do it right, but there’s always enough time to do it over.”

Our team will always endeavour to complete the works within a reasonable amount of time without undue delay. This ensures that the job is completed to the Customers utmost satisfaction.

We will never try to ‘rush’ a job for the sake of saving a few pennies. This may ultimately lead to a poor job that will need to be done over and will also reflect badly on our business (not to mention leaving a larger hole in the Customers wallet!).